About Us

About us
In 2004, we added web pages to our collection adventure that we have been doing for 20 years. In this context, we offer the following services to you:
* Turkey's largest and most reliable numismatic database. Information on 7000 coins, paper, gold and commemorative coins of the Ottoman Empire and 2000 of the Republic of Turkey (www.osmanliparalari.com)
* Turkey's largest numismatic forum. (http://www.ottomancoins.com/phpBB3/index.php)
* Bulletins and books that we have published and will continue to publish within our company.

Coins of the Republic of Turkey (First Edition 2008 - Second Edition 2012 - Third Edition 2014)

Ottoman Empire Coins 1839-1922 (Volume 1 - First Edition 2007 - Second Edition 2011 - Third Edition 2018)

Ottoman Empire Coins 1689-1839 (Volume 2)

Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic Tokens

Aircraft Society and National Lottery Tickets

Anatolian Numismatics Bulletin (27th issue published in December 2020)

* You can buy more than 500 products of the 100-year-old Leuchtturm company, which we have been the authorized dealer of since 2004, at the best price and from stock, from our store or from our website. The quality of all Leuchtturm products is guaranteed by the parent company and us.
* We brought our listed auctions, which we started in 2009, to the internet at the beginning of 2014, and offered them to the whole of Turkey. All of the products you will buy from our auction are offered to you with a 100% replacement / refund guarantee.

* Since 2021, we continue our commercial life as Osmanlı Mezat Müzayedecilik Tic.Ltd.Şti.

Apart from these, you can also consult us for any collection you intend to sell.
Thank you for choosing us.
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